Selasa, 8 Mei 2012

I plan for next year's arrangements

I love to plan for next year's room arrangements in May and June. Why? Because I can test out different ideas with a class of students that already knows our routines and procedures. My current students can give feedback on what they think works and help streamline the process.

The best way to get ideas for different classroom layouts and room arrangements is to see what other teachers are doing. I've taken pictures of every classroom I've taught in since 2003. I've also collected photos and videos of other teachers' rooms and created online classroom tours so you can check those out, too.

Take a look around each classroom, and think about what you might want to adapt for your own classroom. Then, try it out! If you find something you like better than your current arrangement, you'll be all set for the fall, and you can relax knowing that you've already tested everything out before you get your new group of students.

Enjoy! :-)

Angela Watson

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